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Electric and Gas-powered Heaters

space heater Space heaters are portable or built-in appliances that are used to heat a room or other small area.  Indoor heaters are most often powered by electricity or natural gas, while outdoor and construction site heaters often use propane, kerosene, or diesel fuel.

Four basic types of space heater are available on the market.  Each is best suited to certain applications, although all provide heat and can be used for a variety of heating requirements.

  1. Heater fans provide fast, even heating of an entire area.  A fan forces heated air across the heating element into the room, and causes warm air to circulate throughout the room.
  2. Ceramic heaters are ideal for home and office use.  These heaters use a ceramic heating element and a fan to distribute warm air efficiently.
  3. Radiant heaters provide focused spot heating quickly.  They warm people and objects rather than the whole room, and are best suited for drafty areas or large rooms with high ceilings.  Some radiant heaters use infrared heating elements.
  4. Convection heaters work well for long-term, whole room heating.  They are virtually silent and evenly heat the entire room.

An electric fireplace is a type of space heater that lends a decorative element to a room and emulates the ambience of a traditional fireplace.

heater fan Many space heaters need to be properly vented, and when this is the case it's important that the heater and flue are professionally installed according to local codes.  Space heaters that aren't properly vented can cause carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide to leak into the air, resulting in serious — sometimes fatal — health effects.

Regardless of what kind of heater you choose, you'll want to ensure its safe use.  First of all, make sure that any heater you choose has been tested and approved by a recognized testing laboratory.  Not only will this ensure that the heater you buy meets certain safety standards, but also that proper use and care information is included with your space heater product.

radiant heater
Radiant Heater

To avoid burns and ensure the safety of children and pets, make sure the heater you select has a guard around the flame area or heating element.  You'll also want to make sure that the heater you choose is the correct size for the area you're heating.  Heaters that are too small won't provide adequate heat, while heaters that are too large can deposit excessive pollutants into the surrounding air.

Be sure your home has at least one smoke alarm on each floor, and outside of the bedrooms.  A carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher are also necessary to have in the vicinity of your space heater. features a convenient directory of popular space heater dealers, manufacturers, and consumer information where you can shop, compare specifications, and read about heater safety.  Once again, remember that space heaters can be hazardous if not operated and maintained correctly.

Space Heater Manufacturers

  • Honeywell Heaters
    Offers fans and heaters which feature advanced styling and innovation.  The Honeywell trademark is used under license from Honeywell International Inc.
  • Mr. Heater
    This portable heater manufacturer makes radiant, forced-air, and convection type heaters in various models for propane, kerosene, or natural gas fuels.  Common applications for these heaters include outdoor recreation, construction and job sites, industrial uses, and emergency uses.

Space Heater Consumer Information

  • Heater Safety
    Tips for safe use of your portable space heater from AHAM, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

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